Sahasa Simha TShirt "Shine"s in Bigg Boss Kannada house

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Posted on October 21 2019

Sahasa Simha TShirt "Shine"s in Bigg Boss Kannada house

From past one week Bigg boss reality show has been started in Kannada. The show has 18 contestants taking their claim for half crore reward. There are lot of celebrities involved in this season and this has created curiosity among the viewers. In this show Shine Shetty from Kundapura has entered as 17th Contestant.

Chandan of Lakshmi Baramma serial

Mr. Shine Shetty had acted in "Lakshmi Baramma" serial as Chandan for 2 years. During that period he had gained a good reputation in every house hold. He had also acted in "Meera Madhava Keshava" serial on small screen. Now he has entered Bigg boss house to entertain all kannada audience who are watching Bigg Boss Kannada 7.

Star shines in Sahasa Simha TShirt

On episode 3, Mr. Shine Shetty has captured the imagination of the viewers by wearing Kannada star Abhinaya Bhargava Dr. Vishnuvardhan print T-shirt developed by Benki Store( By wearing this T-shirt he has been able to gather the attention of Dr. Vishnu lovers and all kannada movie goers. 

Shine Shetty is adding all the required ingredients for the masala to stay relevant in this show. We all wish him all the best and emerge as winner of the show.

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